On the Road

Note: I am typing this update from my mobile phone so please excuse typos/sentences that don’t make sense. Also in the three minutes that I’ve been using it, I’m not too ‘gung ho’ on the WordPress iPhone app (it’s terrible – they basically put the website, as it is, into the app store) so don’t expect any pictures. I’m terribly sorry about this. I know most of you were looking forward to seeing photos of me – I promise to remedy this in a week when I’m home.

Great, lets begin.

My last weekend in Mumbeezy was incredible (I do have one more weekend in Mumbai but that will consist entirely of eating food that I will miss and packing). Things we did – day trip to Nashik the wine capital of India, celebrate Katie’s 30th birthday with flare and finally see a play at the Prithvi in Juhu.

First Nashik, which is about a three to four hour drive northeast of Mumbai – ok so Nashik is pretty (but growing up in California spoils a person). It’s has the optimal climate for growing grapes in India. There are a few popular vineyards in Nashik, two of which we visited. Sula is the most well known of the two, and in recent years has built a resort on their property. They also apparently host a music festival. Honestly where isn’t there a music fest these days? For 250INR you are able to get a tasting of six wines + a lovely tour. First comes the tour which lasted about five minutes and couldn’t have been more pathetic in terms of content. We basically looked at some tanks and were given a high level summary of the wine making process. Most of the vineyard was off limits for ‘hygenic reasons.’ Well, when Indians feel like they are being taken for a ride, you can be sure they will ask for their money back. What followed the tour then was what I like to call ‘Sula vs. the people.’ Basically a yelling match between a group of men and two Sula employees. Actually it was mostly one-sided yelling about how the tour was a waste of time and not worth a single rupee. I ended up backing away as it looked and felt as crowded and commotional as the trading floor at the NYSE. I can’t be sure but I would bet ‘the people’ won. Once the animation subsided it was tasting time. The wines weren’t bad actually but most of the wines were sweeter than average to adjust for the Indian palette. With each wine that was presented came a new lesson on how to taste wine, swirl your glass, etc. usually accompanied with a silly Hindi drinking joke. Random, hilarious and all around good times in Nashik.

Katie’s birthday was a hoot! – it included delicious dinner, a cake fight and retro night at Shiros.

The play I saw the next night at the Prithvi was entitled “Hamlet the Clown Prince.” Hilarious. It was basically about a clown troupe that was putting on a production of Hamlet and including their commentary. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but they really made Hamlet funny. I was thoroughly entertained and the space was as cute and cozy as advertised. Not a bad seat in the house. OH and Kalki Koechlin (sp?) was in it (the friend who got married in the movie YJHD) so that was a fun bonus.

Now I’m in Nepal and have spent the last three days exploring the Kathmandu Valley. Unfortunately because of monsoon it’s hard to get a clear view of the Himalayas but, also because of monsoon, the valleys are that much more green and lush. It’s idyllic. The temple and palace squares are really peaceful and the surroundings define beautiful.

I’m going to share a more detailed account of my Nepalese adventure when I have a keyboard and can add pictures. For now I’m off to Pokhara! Toodles.


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