Monsoon Mayhem

I got food poisoning last Tuesday. This was bound to happen at some point – especially during monsoon.

Quick photo of the monsoon rains from my balcony (not to be mistaken for fog or smog). As I had said – it rains so hard that you can’t see in front of you:


Back to Tuesday – what was surprising was that I got ill from the food at Cafe Zoe – a super hipster (I’m talking, the interior has been almost entirely furnished from the funky antique pieces found at Chor Bazaar) restaurant/cafe/bar that caters to foreigners. Not to worry – I’m better.

Our Cafe Zoe excursion wasn’t a complete bust. Since Kishore is roomies with one of the restaurant’s owners, we were able to procure a package of plastic cups (of red Solo cup quality) that the restaurant uses for takeaway cold beverages. I previously mentioned how difficult it is to find a drinking-game-quality plastic cup in India so we were VERY excited about this acquisition – especially because we had been unsuccessful at convincing Starbucks to sell us their grande cups and were fresh out of options. (We were told that using Sbux cups for purposes other than serving their beverages would introduce some branding issues. As an act of charity, Sbux did scratch their logo off of a few cups before giving them to us. The Sbux cups also have “Starbucks” written on them, but no matter. Apparently only the logo needed to be scratched off?)

The second house party, hosted by Mumbai’s favorite expats (Katie, Kevin and I) took place this past Thursday and Beirut, among other games (Mafia included), was in full effect. There was also a crew of folks stationed on the balcony playing antakshari / having general sing-along time (not a joke). We plan to have one more party before I leave Mumbai. You’re all invited.


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