The Best View in Worli

By now you must be curious about who throws the hottest parties in Mumbai. Look no further my friends. That’s correct. Katie (aka teetee), Kevin (aka Klam) and I had a “housewarming party” yesterday evening that went quite swimmingly. Sure it’s been over a month since I’ve gotten to India but, as it turns out, parties just aren’t as fun when you have zero friends to invite – thus we waited for our social wings to blossom and then bribed our contacts with the promise of food, drinks and the BVW (Best View in Worli):


The view from our balcony, as pictured above, is basically the same view (different angle) as the famously overpriced Aer bar in the Four Seasons (I was hoping to run into Grover’s cousin there, but alas, Aer isn’t as happening during monsoon).


This has been the week of rooftop views actually. Earlier this week we went to Kishore’s who has what we’ve unanimously agreed is the BBW (Best Balcony in Worli). His spot is right across the street from Aer and his balcony is about four times the size of ours. It’s sweet. I also ticked Dome at the Intercontinental on Marine Drive off of my list. Between Aer and Dome I basically can’t afford to go out for a week…

So, yes, house party = success. We invited a mix of friends from work, friends we had met at school networking events, friends of friends, etc. and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I know I had a great time (I really love all of the peeps that I’ve met here thus far), and we received a few messages today from others that felt the same – as the new kids on the block that’s always encouraging!

Our largest issue actually was finding red Solo cups or something comparable. We ultimately found tiny fancy plastic cups. How tiny? Well, a ping pong ball couldn’t touch the bottom of the cup. With Beirut out of the question we stuck to Flip Cup and Kings Cup. Only the classics.


Feel free to reach out to me for your Mumbai party planning needs (Hint: more beer, less wine, order khandvi and ‘Mad Over Donuts,’ dont order cocktail samosas – they aren’t the bite-size samosas you are expecting. Trust.)

The best thing about living in a serviced apartment is not having to clean up party messes. This country is spoiling me!


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