A Night to Myself

I realize now that I have been in desperate need of some “me time.” I have been operating on overdrive a bit, wanting to make the most of the short time I have in India. Unfortunately, about 3.5 weeks into various levels of daily social activity, a good pedicure + tv night is well overdue. This is scientific fact.

My feet constantly feel dirty because I’m walking in sandals all day exposed to the elements, including dirt roads and extreme heat. When I was at my faiba’s place a few weeks back she had a woman come to the flat to give me pedicure. (The man-power available in this country allows for any and everything to be delivered to your home: food, wine, yoga instruction, spa treatments, shopping, alterations, laundry, in home cooking, etc. usually for no extra charge.) That pedicure was great, mostly for its convenience. Unfortunately for me the pedicurist had only brought two rather unfortunate nail polish options so I was especially excited for pedicure number two in India.

Not sure if I mentioned this previously, but right next to Yogacara there is a small (and clean) spa, Rewa House Spa, with the same magnificent view. I scheduled an appointment and went yesterday after withstanding Tasneem’s abuse in yoga class. The space is very modern, with all the amenities you would expect to find in a stateside spa and a decent collection of nail polish colors. Big win. A small Indian man, with tattoos on his forearms, was assigned to my pedicure duty – you can imagine my initial concern. It turned out to be the best and most relaxing pedicure I’ve ever had.

I treated myself to a quinoa salad for dinner and streamed the season/series finales of The Mindy Project and Smash. Mindy continuing to kill it. Smash continuing to inspire. I suppose they did tie everything up very nicely and with a pretty bow but I still am very sad that Smash is cancelled. It’s an injustice – Broadway Here I Come.

Nevertheless, the evening was sublime.


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