The Big Nasty

Joanne, one of my friend’s from work, had her birthday party last night and invited a few of us girls out to celebrate. First out to Lemongrass in Bandra for dinner – very yummy. I recommend the whole wheat noodles with black bean sauce and paneer – and then to a bar called The Big Nasty for general celebratory fun. With a name like The Big Nasty, I was imagining Bar None minus the games. Spoiler Alert – The Big Nasty is my new favorite bar in Mumbai. The spot is basically grunge chic. It reminded me of the sets for STOMP or Rent. Faux fence walls, concrete benches, stained glass windows, red-ish lighting, wooden tables, mismatched armchairs…you get it. When we arrived, the Mumbai Indians had just finished batting and the Rajasthan Royals were up – Joanne had reserved a booth area with a very large flat screen TV so we indulged in some nachos and beverages while watching the rest of the cricket match. Joanne had been pretty excited about dancing all day, which I too was excited about – but this place, with it’s sports watching crowd and tables/seating everywhere didn’t really seem like it would be that conducive to dancing. Boy was I wrong. Almost immediately after Mumbai won the game, the crowd was up and at it, climbing on seats, tables, benches to dance – where ever there was an open surface there was dancing. The DJ knew what was up; it was one of those nights where every song that comes on you think to yourself (or say out loud), “This is my JAM!”


[From left to right: Isha, Praneetha, Me, Joanne, Katie]

The night ended with this Goan song that everyone knew and went wild over – Maria Pitache. People were grabbing paper napkins and waving them around as if they were handkerchiefs. It was seriously all the rage. I was completely lost but Joanne (who is Goan) was clearly SO happy. Stuti, another friend from work, confirmed that this song is often one of the last songs played at a bar/club (think Journey – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’) and Goan’s especially love it.

This morning, once we all had gotten to work, we took a short breakfast/chai/post-party-rehash break. Well last week I must have mentioned at lunch that Khandvi is my favorite Guj snack/savory treat. Vailina, who lives next to a Gujarati bakery – Vijay Bakery in Mahim – that makes and sells fresh Guj breakfast items every morning, thinking of me, brought some Khandvi to work for our group of gals to share. Of course it was delicious but I can’t get over the thoughtfulness (If you haven’t had Khandvi, come to Mumbai and it will be my treat! Now I know a great spot to get it). Praneetha brought mango cream, basically a frothy mango ice cream situation with chunks of mango inside, from the Haji Ali Juice Centre (double yum). Isha brought homemade powa. We all had chai. A superb start to the day I’d say.


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